Metabo Test INFAI



Indications for the Metabo Test INFAI

Metabo Test INFAI® is performed by INFAI in cooperation with Bruker. This test is designed to test for congenital metabolic diseases in children, such as errors in lipid or amino acid metabolism, peroxysomal diseases, neuro-transmitter diseases, and others. These diseases are commonly hereditary and are passed on by autosomal recessive mechanisms. Thus, this test is particularly recommended for use as a screening test for neonate and children. However, adults, for instance those suffering from food allergies attributed to metabolic deficiencies, are also a target group.

Aygen S. et al (2014): NMR-based Screening for Inborn Errors of Metabolism Initial Results from a study on Turkish neonates. JIMD Rep.16: 101-11.


Principle of the Metabo Test INFAI

Several metabolic products in the urine are measured to diagnose a variety of metabolic diseases. As only a urine sample is needed for evaluation, no prescription is needed for this product. The test is evaluated by NMR spectroscopy. INFAI's database of over 1000 metabolites is used to identify different metabolic diseases.

More information can be found in a brochure for parents or in a product brochure for physicians.



Research tool for metabolites related to inherent metabolic diseases

INFAI also provides a research tool for finding of normal and pathological metabolites, linked to possible explanations of metabolic disorders.

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